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Duncan MacPhail has developed a non-confrontational approach to dentistry, based on the individual needs and personality of each horse. His focus is on whole mouth equilibration achieved without the use of sedation.

Duncan is a graduate of the Academy of Equine Dentistry in Glenns Ferry, Idaho.

MacPhail Equine Dentistry
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Your equine partner needs thorough, professional dental care to reach peak health and performance goals. Regular dentistry is a fundamental aspect of equine care. Since 2001, MacPhail Equine Dentistry has provided effective and professional equine dental care throughout the New England Area. All procedures are completed using modern hand tools and sound horsemanship.  Complete evaluation and correction of all teeth can be performed without the use of sedation in 90% of horses.  In the event that sedation is required, it will be provided by a veterinarian.

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Services include general and advanced equine dentistry, dental equilibration, correction of stiffness and pain, maintenance floats, performance floats

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